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General weather


Weather; General weather

The physical process by which a liquid, such as water, is transformed into a gaseous state, such as water vapor. It is the opposite physical process of condensation.


Weather; General weather

The total amount of water that is transferred from the earth's surface to the atmosphere. It is made up of the evaporation of liquid or solid water plus the transpiration from plants.


Weather; General weather

A forecast issued well in advance of a severe weather event to alert the public of the possibility of a particular hazard, such as tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, flash and river floods, winter ...


Weather; General weather

Any and all forms of water, liquid or solid, that falls from clouds and reaches the ground. This includes drizzle, freezing drizzle, freezing rain, hail, ice crystals, ice pellets, rain, snow, snow ...


Weather; General weather

Es refereix al compost químic, H2O, així com la seva forma líquida. A temperatures atmosfèriques i pressions, pot existir en totes les tres fases: sòlida (gel), líquid (aigua) i gas (vapor d'aigua). ...

depressió frontal

Weather; General weather

Any cyclone not of tropical origin. Generally considered to be a migratory frontal cyclone found in the middle and high latitudes. Also called an extratropical low or an extratropical storm.

cicle de l'aigua / cicle hidrològic

Weather; General weather

Also called the hydrologic cycle, it is the vertical and horizontal transport of water in all its states between the earth, the atmosphere, and the seas.

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