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General seafood

Of or pertaining to food that has an aquatic natural habitat.

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General seafood

mantega fosa

Seafood; General seafood

A classic accompaniment to lobster meat and other shellfish.


Seafood; General seafood

Un peix que es troba en tots els mars temperats i tropicals amb una textura fina, ric.


Seafood; General seafood

Crustaceans highly prized for their rich and flavorful meat. The meat has less saturated fat and calories than many cuts of beef and pork, making it one of the leanest proteins available. It’s widely ...

potes de cranc

Seafood; General seafood

A favorite of our guests, this delicious treat lets you crack and eat the sweet, firm meat. They’re as fun as they are delicious.

potes de llagosta

Seafood; General seafood

Fina però saborosa. Esquerdi's i Reveli deliciosa carn.


Seafood; General seafood

Tot i que conegut àmpliament picada, tonyina és una família de peixos grans, saborós que són inusualment ràpids nedadors. Quan gaudir a grans retallades, té un gust suau i


Seafood; General seafood

Una gran família de peix es troba normalment en llacs clars, frescos i rierols. La seva carn delicada és millor escaldat, saltejats o fregits.

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