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Literature; General literature

Those works generally considered by scholars, critics, and teachers to be the most important to read and study, which collectively constitute the "masterpieces" of literature. Since the 1960s, the ...


Literature; General literature

Language that is discordant and difficult to pronounce, such as this line from John Updike’s "Player Piano": "never my numb plunker fumbles." Cacophony ("bad sound") may be unintentional in the ...


Literature; General literature

The repetition of internal vowel sounds in nearby words that do not end the same, for example, "asleep under a tree," or "each evening." Similar endings result in rhyme, as in "asleep in the deep." ...


Literature; General literature

Una adreça, o algú que està absent i per tant no puc sentir l'orador o alguna cosa no humans que no poden comprendre. Apòstrof sovint proporciona un orador la oportunitat per reflexionar en veu ...


Literature; General literature

El personatge, força o col·lecció de forces en ficció o drama que s'oposa a la protagonista i dóna pujada al conflicte de la història; un oponent del protagonista, com ara Claudius en l'obra de ...


Literature; General literature

A word or phrase made from the letters of another word or phrase, as "heart" is an anagram of "earth." Anagrams have often been considered merely an exercise of one’s ingenuity, but sometimes writers ...


Literature; General literature

Allows for two or more simultaneous interpretations of a word, phrase, action, or situation, all of which can be supported by the context of a work. Deliberate ambiguity can contribute to the ...

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