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There are many cocktails and mixed drinks that you can make, but there are a handful that are necessary to building a true, classic cocktail experience. I am making a distinction in this list between cocktails and mixed drinks. Cocktails by definition are "composed of spirits of any kind, sugar, water and bitters" and are typically served neat or short and on the rocks. That is, for the most part, what you will find below and many of them are classic cocktails that have been served for a century or more.

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Everyone has heard of the Margarita and like the Martini it now comes in every color and flavor imaginable (see Margarita Madness). The classic recipe is far simpler than many of its modern counterparts and there is no blender involved. The traditional Margarita is served neat and made simply of tequila, orange liqueur, lime and lemon juices, and simple syrup (or a homemade sweet and sour mix).

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人人都聽說過瑪格麗塔和馬丁像它現在進來每個顏色和味道可以想像 (見瑪格麗塔瘋狂)。經典配方簡單得遠比許多人其現代的同行和那裡是沒有攪拌機參與。傳統的瑪格麗特島早餐整潔,製成簡單的龍舌蘭酒、 橙利口酒、 石灰和檸檬果汁,和簡單的糖漿 (或自製的酸甜組合)。

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